Poetic Impressions

Poetic inspiration

I looks in the mirror and what did I see ---.
An old man looking back at me.
I said to myself “Damn, you lived to long.”
Your eyes have crow-feet on the outer edge
and the thing under your chin looks like a turkey gobbler.
The hair on your head is getting thin
and a spot on the top the hair is no longer there.
And those spots on your arms are called senior tattoos.
That burning of in my toes and the ache in my feet is
nothing but neuropathy.
The pain in my back is just like the pain in my neck.
I look in the mirror and what do I see ---.
Am old man looking back at me.


I look in the mirror and what do I see ---.
I know that when I leave this world
and go to the other side, it will be the happy hunting ground
that I have always dreamed about.
I will feel everlasting peace and tranquility.
I see is a lovely valley where the smell of the flowers is sweet.
The sleepy hum of mountain bees and only a faint gurgle of the little steam
can be heard as it crossed the valley floor.
Butterflies float in and out among the flowers and trees.
The place had a serene and peaceful appearance.
A place where I sense the sounds, smells and even the colors
as they weaved together a fabric which is the spirit of this place.
The spirit is peace, not war, a life of quiet, that is not hushed,
a life of movement that has not action,
a life of rest that is not stilled.
I can feel the spirit of the valley
and I know the spirit of the Lord is with me.
It is the spirit of undisturbed peace and tranquility.
As I look in the mirror I know where I will go.

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