"Merry Christmas To All The Heroes"

Christmas song honors heroes, connects them to home

Not many songs are written specifically to honor America’s heroes who are away from home, says Glenn Boudreau, which is why he wrote “Merry Christmas To All The Heroes.”
Boudreau, a North Providence native who moved with his wife Cookie to Texas in 2004, says he’s been hearing from military members all over the country about how meaningful the song is to them.
“I’m really proud of the song, and of course I’m really proud of all our men and women in uniform,” said Boudreau. “Veterans from all over are listening to my recording and love the message they are hearing.”
The song is especially geared for those serving overseas who can’t spend Christmas with their families, said Boudreau.
“Hopefully it will make them feel like they’re wanted and appreciated, especially at Christmastime, because that’s a special time of year for a lot of people,” he said.
Boudreau said he had wanted to write a song in honor of brave soldiers past and present, and came up with this one. He started writing the song a couple of years ago, put it down for a while and ended up writing another Christmas song which came out last year. He finally finished recording it in Nashville studios in the fall, with singer Jeff Carson on vocals.
“How do we honor our heroes, at Christmastime this year. To each and every brave soldier, whose sacrifice we hold so dear,” sings Carson.
“Merry Christmas, merry Christmas, to all the heroes,” goes the chorus.
“For those who served their country, for the son who’s coming home. For the one who laid down his life, whose sweetheart’s left alone.”
The recording hit online music outlets during the first week of November.
Boudreau, 68, is a retired U.S. Postal Service worker. He served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam, but was never sent to war.
To hear Boudreau’s song, visit YouTube and search “Merry Christmas To All The Heroes.”

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