The Veteran

Whether you join the Army, Navy or Marines
You serve your country as a proud American human being
You go through hard basic training to meet that special day ahead
The workout I get its hard getting out of bed
As days and weeks pass you by
Show the enemy you will conquer him
The training you had will make you win
Got to clean my weapon for inspection
Can’t let it clog up, so it can fire in any direction
The time is getting closer as I know
My company just got notification we must go
Flying to a classify area the land was clear
Watching out for snipers that could be near
We must be on high alert
The killer enemy can be covered with leaves and dirt
Getting my rifle ready inserting my bayonet
Walking through a stream my feet got wet
Machine gun bullets coming straight at us
We hit that ground and got mouth full of dust
Our back up did arrive
Kept all of us a live
We drove the enemy into surrendering
No more killing and a final ending
Now I’m discharge, back in the states
American citizen and a proud veteran that rates

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