America’s largest logistics base in the Vietnam War was Long Binh Post, north of Saigon. A major target for enemy sappers, the sprawling facility was under constant siege. In order to maintain a 24/7 cordon of protection, a military police unit was assigned ground infantry duties and a flotilla of riverine PBR gunboats to guard against infiltration and rocket attacks. They called themselves the “Bushwhackers." The job switch is unique in U.S. Army annals. "Up-Close and Personal" is the uncompromising saga of a young Californian coming of age in a job of great responsibility, danger and stress under combat conditions. Setting ambushes. Close-in engagements with the enemy. Retrieving decomposed remains. Navigating treacherous rivers and tributaries. And when it was over, soldiers lucky enough to survive a tour in-country were met by a hostile civilian population on the home front.

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