The B-25 bomber’s engines were on fire from the frontal attack by the Japanese fighter, but co-pilot Robert Halbertson was determined to save his life and his crew from dying in the infinite Indo-Chinese wastelands beneath him.

From the moment Lt. Robert Halbertson managed to crash land his plane without killing his crew in the Indo-Chinese clearing in April of 1945, his life would forever be changed. Finding a way back to civilization he would witness a country at war not only with the Japanese, but also the French and anyone else would try to stop the Vietnamese from their quest for independence.

At the Viet Ming base camp where his crew had been taken Halbertson would meet Dr. Kim, the beautiful Vietnamese doctor who would remain entrenched in his soul. Their love would last 28 years through two destructive wars and finally the Paris Peace Accords.

In the final years of the Vietnam War now Major Gen. Halbertson was on a mission to find a way out of a perpetual conflict that had taken his own son’s life with little to show for it but incessant destruction of young men’s lives and a country that had witnessed uninterrupted war for nearly 30 years.

His own knowledge of the Vietnamese people and the relationships he had built over the years with their military leaders had shown him that these people had not wanted a war but deeply admired and respected American Independence.
Halbertson would find one last great mystery that would come to life with Dr. Kim who had never told him that he had fathered a beautiful, Vietnamese daughter who reminded him of his dead son, and who gave him the strength he needed to bring his world back to life again.

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