On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca MD

The soldiers of World War II went home. Family members had fought at Guadalcanal and at The Battle of the Bulge, in addition to the islands of the South Pacific. They saw and experienced things so terrible, such loss of life. Most of them never spoke of it to the wives and children they came home to after they were relieved of duty. Jack had to sew and repair wounds so challenging, so shocking, in less than ideal environments, as the battles raged. How did those memories shape the rest of their lives? What my uncle Jack did and accomplished post war was a statement of how he thought the world should be after the horror of a world war. In short, he practiced medicine helping to bring into the world the baby boomer generation and those babies born afterward. He worked with scientists to overcome difficulties that killed many of these babies. He participated with Johnson & Johnson’s ortho division in the discovery of the RH factor. He joined and led medical societies. He joined the American Legion. He worshiped at St. Paul’s Abbey. Especially important to him was caring for his family, immediate and extended—siblings, in-laws, and the flock of nieces and nephews to whom he was the sponsor of magnificent memories.

As a post-war citizen of Sussex County, Dr. Caleca was a Chief of Staff of Newton Memorial Hospital. He was a president of the New Jersey Medical Society. Jack was actively involved in the discovery of the RH factor. A veteran, he joined the American Legion. He was a school doctor for 25 years. Jack was also an honorary member of the Andover Borough Fire Department.

Additionally, the book incorporates a personal memoir and 12 family photographs.

On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca, MD has been researched and written by Diane Campbell Green. The book is published by Covenant Books, an international Christian owned and operated book publisher based in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina. It is available on Amazon.com and at other bookstores.

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