America: A Treasure in the World

I have always felt that being born in America, and in her most beautiful state (Tennessee), is akin to winning a birthright lottery. The liberties that we enjoy, those documented by our Constitution and defended by generations of warrior patriots, are worthy of preservation. Successfully preserving these liberties requires new generations of warrior patriots to be equipped for service. This equipping requires us, the older generation of veterans, to pass on a love for America, her Constitution, and her flag.

Truly, America and the liberty she perpetuates is a treasure in this world. As others have said, America is that shining city that others seek to emulate and that desired destination that millions seek each year. Our shores and mountains are spectacular. Our forests and farms are bountiful. God's hand has blessed us in these ways but, His truest and most enduring blessings on America are in the ideals our Nation has perpetuated for nearly 250 years. Unalienable rights endowed by our Creator captured in the words of men and symbolized by a blue field with stars representing her states and stripes representing her virtue.

Yes, we older generation hold the responsibility to train up the next generation such that these ideals are preserved. Let us speak openly of our love of Nation, speak gratefully to our Creator for His blessings on us, and speak passionately about the need to preserve this last hold of freedom. America!

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