Exposure: Surviving the Historical Ft. McClellan

I had a story that needed to be told. I called it: “EXPOSURE: Surviving Historical Ft. McClellan.” I partnered with “Tactical 16” (Veteran owned - tactical16.com) to publish the 412-page story. The story is about the historical Ft. McClellan, Ala. and its toxic legacy (and government denials, lack of due diligence, errors of omission, and complacency).

I spent all of 2018 and 2019 researching and writing about the historical Ft. McClellan from the perspective of a former Military Police (MP) One-Station Unit Training (OSUT) trainee (and retired federal supervisory criminal investigator and current PI).

I spent 2020 re-writing and editing the manuscript. In the book, I explore the operations of the U.S. Army Chemical Center and School with a focus on how that may have impacted the MP and Chemical School trainees, as well as the operations of FMC and provide detailed information. This is so that readers can make their own determination as to whether tens of thousands of military personnel that experienced the hazardous environmental conditions at FMC may have experienced “any adverse health conditions” contrary to the current position of the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

My primary goal – using government reports and the government's words, as well as open source news reporting – is to get factual information into the hands of veterans and their families. My secondary goal is to get this book in the hands of the 535 members of Congress. Contact me if you are interested in “educating” member(s) of Congress by sending a book(s) at a discounted rate. On Amazon, you can “look inside” the book for a peek at the preface, prologue, and a bit of Chapter 1.
Chapter line-up:
Chapter 1 – Assist, Protect, and Defend (background)
Chapter 2 - Burden of Proof
Chapter 3 – Ma – Ma, Ma – Ma Can’t You See?
Chapter 4 - Risk Equation & Latent Prints! (how toxins can harm you)
Chapter 5 - Pesticidal Thoughts (you guessed it - all about pesticides)
Chapter 6 – Orange Crush (herbicides & AO components)
Chapter 7 – Painful Mind Hotel (all about ionizing radiation)
Chapter 8 – Heart-of-Darkness (chemical weapons material plus)
Chapter 9 – Water, Water Everywhere
Chapter 10 – The PCB Elephant in the Room
Chapter 11 -- Scratch-and-Sniff Mode (contaminants, solvents, cwm, CERCLA)
Chapter 12 – Impact Area (partial potential health impacts)
Chapter 13 – We Don’t Know What We Don't Know

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