Heart of Gray: Lt. Raymond “Iggy” Enners, Courage and Sacrifice of a West Point Graduate in Vietnam

Heart of Gray: Lt. Raymond “Iggy” Enners, Courage and Sacrifice of a West Point Graduate in Vietnam
By Richard W. Enners

September 1968−Operation Champaign Grove, during the third phase of Tet, was no ordinary combat sweep. The 11th Brigade’s missioncut off supply routes from the Hồ Chí Minh trail in western Quảng Ngãi Province and prevent the North Vietnamese Army and Việt Cộng from infiltrating Quảng Ngãi City. During this operation, Alpha Company engaged in three harrowing firefights near the Hà Thanh CIDG Special Forces Camp.

Heart of Gray is a riveting narrative of a leader-warrior who chose the “harder right instead of the easier wrong” when on 18 September 1968 in a brutal firefight near Xã Ky Mao, Quảng Ngãi Province he rescued a wounded squad leader ten meters from the NVA position then led his platoon into the thicket, giving his life in the process. For his actions he received the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest award for valor.

Viewed through the lens of those he commanded and served with Heart of Gray takes you on a journey of selflessness and sacrifice, a journey of how West Point and its values of “Duty, Honor, Country” influenced his thought process, a journey of how the game of lacrosse and the warrior spirit contributed to his never quit attitude, and a journey of how his rigorous military training provided the confidence and courage to face life threatening situations. It is also a story of Ray’s leadership and the role character and courage played in influencing others.

Tributes to this All-American athlete cast a light on his bold, courageous, and passionate nature. One significant honor is the First LT. Raymond J. Enners Award, many call the “Heisman Trophy of Lacrosse,” given annually to the outstanding NCAA Division I and II intercollegiate lacrosse players in the nation. Another is the LT. Ray Enners Award for the best lacrosse player in Suffolk County, NY. Others not cast in bronze or carved in granite dot the landscape at West Point; one, the new Foley∙Enners∙Nathe Lacrosse Center.

Heart of Gray is available at acclaimpress.com, amazon.com, or a signed copy at renners2929@aol.com

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