"Laid to Rest?"

Michael P. Mallardi
Author, long-standing and dear parishioner.

Once brilliant on a field of blue,
Stars wane that once shone true.
Eroded by winds of hate,
Their splendor now subdued.

Stripes unfurled from early birth,
Bled red when first newborn.
Tattered by distorted creeds,
Now seem limp and torn.

An important test, but an idea no less,
That all the world esteemed.
Arose from those who fought ‘n’ chose,
Be free to pursue their dreams.

Liberty weeps in her verdigris garb,
Its crown and torch grow dim.
For fear America may be laid to rest,
As dark clouds roil within.

A house divided cannot stand,
Nor survive internal strife.
Truth ‘n’ reason the only balms,
To restore a Nation’s life.

Pray the country not be lost,
That “In God We Trust” be real.
Commit ourselves to the common good,
That the commonwealth be healed.

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