My Home Town

My Home Town

A Poem
William T. Elliott

In the town where I come from,
they call the Veteran’s Town,
I really don’t feel home at all,
though Vet of Vietnam found.

I wrote about my time since war,
and suicide I fought,
and shared with many in the town,
and state for whom I fought.

But some won’t even say hello,
or greet me with a smile,
or even show they know my name,
instead trust not with guile.

Those that treat me in these ways,
they still don’t understand,
that though I wrote about the war,
I no more young can stand.

My wife has died and I am old,
and we did not have kids,
and only family is my brothers,
sisters for whom I live.

Grudges I have learned to skip,
as God did see me through,
and maybe that’s the child He gave,
though daughter, son not knew.

So I wish you town folks well,
though some refuse to smile,
I hope someday you’ll walk my shoes,
with me a country mile.

William T. Elliott
Vietnam Era Veteran

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