Sr. Vice Commander Al Cecchinelli, Jr. Vice Commander Dave Snyder veteran Brendan Feeney & Commander Richard Spalding after the presentation of a garrison cap and challenge coin.


Squadron 440 presents garrison cap to Korean War veteran

Newton, MA

On January 19, 2020, the Sons of The American Legion Squadron 440 of Newton, Massachusetts, presented an American Legion garrison cap to 91-year-old Army veteran Brendan Feeney. Mr. Feeney while at the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Post 440 met SAL Jr. Vice Commander Dave Snyder and told him that he has been wanting an American Legion garrison cap for over 40 years. Dave without hesitation told him that the Sons of The American Legion would obtain one for him. Mr. Feeney was amazed that a stranger would be willing to do something for him. Dave ordered the cap after obtaining Mr. Feeney’s hat size and placed the order.
The cap arrived in early January and a meeting was set for January 19 at Mr. Feeney’s home in Newton. Mr. Feeney explained that his wife has been bedridden for the last couple of years and has her good days and bad. The plan was to present the cap outside on his porch so as not to disturb his wife. Upon arrival we were informed that his wife was having a good day and wanted to meet the men who were there to honor her husband. Commander Richard Spalding, Sr. Vice Commander Al Cecchinelli, Jr. Vice Commander Dave Snyder and Adjutant Paul Pasquarosa met Mrs. Feeney and proceeded with the presentation of the garrison cap and after the cap presentation Commander Spalding presented a Thank You Challenge coin to Mr. Feeney for his service in Korea.
Mr. Feeney was ecstatic and his wife was very proud of him.
Mr. Feeney was so proud and happy that he called the Post 440 and asked for the names of all involved so he could thank them again. He also made the February Legion meeting and had Commander Spalding brought in after telling his story to the Officers of the Post 440 with tears in his eyes. Commander Spalding told them that this is what The Sons do, we take care of veterans in any way we can and it was a pleasure for us to do so. Mr. Feeney asked to come to the March SAL meeting and he will be welcomed anytime.

Jr. Vice Commander Dave Snyder presenting a garrison cap to 91 year old Korean War veteran Brendan Feeney.
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