San Diego Post 731 provides lunches to Embrace H3

Post 731 - San Diego, CA

Embrace H3, founded by Lemon Grove Squadron 201 member Sean Sheppard, is a nonprofit organization that partners with private industry, such as Home Depot, San Diego Gas and Electric, and contractors along with San Diego State University students, to help remodel homes for veterans with special needs.

Pictured is Sean Sheppard and Post 731 Commander Chuck Camarato providing lunches from Togo's restuarants, for the volunteers. Also pictured is retired U.S. Marine Sara Bettencourt and her husband, Navy active duty stationed at Coronado Island, Matt Bettencourt.

The commander states "Post 731 has realized that partnering with other organizations pools resources both financial and manpower. Individually, tasks can seem insurmountable and daunting, but partnerships, team to succeed."

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