Gerda Braunheim speaking to NE Post 630 members.


Gerda Braunheim describes growing up in Germany during WWII

Northeast Post 630 - Blue Ash, OH

Northeast Post 630 was honored to have Gerda Braunheim, wife of member Jerry Braunheim, speak to our members about growing up in Germany during WWII under Adolf Hitler’s regime and her family’s efforts to stay ahead of the Russian invasion of Germany. Before our March 6 meeting, Gerda gave a very informative presentation describing the life she lived as a little girl coping with growing up amidst the horrors of war. She spoke of how Hitler came to power and his ill-advised attempt to invade Russia. When Russia decided to strike back with a vengeance and began its invasion of East Prussia where Gerda lived, her life took a decided reversal. The deaths of her mother and sister and her father’s induction into Hitler’s military forced her, her aunt, her grandmother and two other siblings to flee. Gerda described the difficulties they faced during their nine-month, 900-mile odyssey, during a very brutal winter, trying to stay ahead of the Russian bombardments. Eventually they made it to Denmark where they and other refugees were safe, but life was not much better. They were incarcerated behind barbed wires with more than 250,000 other refugees. In 1956, Gerda and her siblings arrived in the United States where they felt safe and were able to begin a life of peace and love.
Gerda has written a book entitled "From Stonischken to Gedhus, a Child’s View of World War II." It describes her life up to her arriving in the United States and coming to Cincinnati. It is a fascinating read!

Gerda Braunheim talking to Post 630 member.
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