San Diego Post 731 returns veteran's lost shadow box

Post 731 - San Diego, CA

Last year, a homeless man dropped off a shadow box to Post 731 in San Diego and stated that he had found it in a dumpster. Post 731 officers set out to search for the rightful owner, Scott Susz.

Officers searched his Facebook page, messaged him and finally, inquired with his listed friends. But no luck.

It wasn't until Past Department Sgt. at Arms Edward J. Grimsley got involved, and pulled some magic strings, that progress was made. The sailor was located in Texas.

Grimsley spoke with his father and learned that on the day his son retired, someone stole his car. The post will incur the cost of sending the shadow box back to Susz, who served honorably in the Navy.

Post Commander Charles Camarato, who originally received the box, stated "I am so glad that I kept this in my office, always looking at it, trying to figure out how to resolve the issue. The last thing a veteran deserves in this country, is to wind up in the trash."

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