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Seth Larrabee comes home...

American Legion Post 164 - Boynton Beach, GA

Seth Larrabee, who I am named after, was my dad. He was a pilot during WWII and was a good one I hear. He had to make a crash landing once and was able to do it so none of the 12 members on board were severely injured. Just some minor bumps and bruises. He moved to the Virgin Islands after the war and became a tour guide on one of those open-back tour buses with all the seats back there for the tourists. He loved it!

Then one day my mom, down on vacation, went on one of Seth Larrabee Seniors tours. As they say, the rest is history. She moved to St. Thomas, USVI to marry him six months later. I came around a little later. Then my brother 3 years after.

Now, when I was 6 years old, Seth senior decided, for whatever reasons, that he couldn't take it here anymore and took himself off the planet. He left me, my mom and my brother here to fend for ourselves.

My question has always been whether the post traumatic stress after the war contributed to his ultimate decision to commit suicide? I guess that will be a question for ages, because there will never be a real way to find out.

Thanks for listening!

Seth Larrabee

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