Celebration of Veterans

Knox Post 720 - Knox, PA

On Memorial Day eve military veterans from the Knox area were honored with 500 candle luminarias. The event was organized by the ladies of the Knox Civic Club. The Boy Scouts lit the candles in the bags along the path that went through the cemetery and into the adjoining park. Girl Scouts placed flags throughout the cemetary and park. The procession of about 200 residents was led by Knox American Legion Post 720 Color Guard which included veterans and sons of Legion members, followed by a bagpiper.

At the top of the hill in the center of the cemetery a bouquet of flowers was placed on the grave of a Spanish American War veteran who died in Knox in 1908. The rifle team fired a salute and "taps" was played before the parade continued across the street to the Knox Community Park. The luminarias lined a path through the park to the gazebo. Musical selections were presented, a keynote speech and prayers were delivered by one of the local pastors.

Knox Civic Club members read the names of the honored veterans whose names appeared on the lluminarias. This was truly an event that showed community support from many businesse, organizations, and community members.

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