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Post 75 Sunnyslope Arizona

Post #75 Sunnyslope - Phoenix, AZ

I am the newly appointed Adjutant, and a Navy Veteran (1981-1987, CTA) to Post 75, Sunnyslope, Arizona. At first I saw this position as a job nobody wanted, and then I read the Adjutant Manual. I felt I was perfect for this position due to my skills in administration and business in general. Being the only female officer has not been a challenge as one would suspect. The biggest challenge for me is to help create an environment to generate and increase member participation and involvement in Post and Community activities. In just a few short months, we've really made great strides to increase members, control finances, generate activities and events to bring more members to become involved, and participate with more active-duty military members. We show more pride as time goes forward, and I'm very proud of our achievements thus far. I hope to learn more about how to become involved in veteran and community affairs. I want to be a part of the American Legion family, and I want the members to know that I am a veteran, that there are resources, and we are here for one another, each and every one of us.

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