On Saturday, December 4, 2010 American Legion Post 118 conducted their second annual Post Oratorical Contest. Winning the post contest was a fine young lady Tiffany Echevarria, a sophomore from Wesley Chapel High School. Her title was “CREATION OF THE CONSTITUTION” She received a check for $100.00 in scholarship money. When asked about how she felt about this program she said” The Oratorical Speech Contest is an opportunity that every high school student should know about. I think that this stays out of the spotlight and not everyone knows about this 73 year old contest. I think I was blessed to hear about this”. Her father Celso Echevarria was quoted as saying “The schools need to let the people know about this kind of program so they can take advantage of these great programs”.

This national American Legion program started back in 1938 to help educate high school students about our USA Constitution. This is part of The American Legion’s attempt to inculcate in our youth a sense of being an American.

The contestants give an 8-10 minute oration of the constitution and what it means to them, and what they feel is the duty and responsibility to that constitution. Then they speak 3-5 minutes on one of 4 assigned topics. The four assigned topics this year were as follows: Amendment 8, Amendment 10, Amendment 26, Section 1 and 2. Amendment 27. The assigned topic for this contest was Amendment 10.

Tiffany was an excellent orator and will represent post 118 at the District 7 Contest on January 22, 2011 at Post 8 in Winter Haven. The 3 judges for this contest were William Kustes, a retired high school teacher from Zephyrhills High School, Mike Stepp, a High School teacher at Moore-Mickens High School and Stephanie Polk, a High School teacher also from Moore-Mickens High School. Stephanie was asked how she felt being a judge. She said “I have had the honor to be part of this rewarding program for the last two years".

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