Members of Post 100


Credit where it is due

Laramore-Osborne American Legion Post 100 - Royse City, TX

As the post adjutant and public relations officer, I will be the first to say that being a member of The American Legion isn't about the credit we get from the things we do.
Being a part of this amazing organization is about being a part of something much larger than ourselves. However, with that said, I would like to take a minute and just give a bit of credit to the members of our post and the Auxiliary for the outstanding and amazing job we have been doing for the past year and for the beginning of 2018.
Already we have made huge strides to improve our community, our families, our post, and help out many of our brothers and sisters in arms. With the first-ever LegionFest coming up in a few months, many of our members are stepping up, taking charge and volunteering to benefit not just the youth of nation but our community as a whole.
This dedication to others illustrates that our post is improving the fox hole and here to help out not only community, but the Legion as a whole. Our drive to communicate to the world that our post is here to change it for the better is what this organization is all about, and we are succeeding here. So once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you do! Without you, we could not go the extra mile we do. I look forward to this new year and look forward to working with you further as we show the world what we can do by helping others in need, guiding our future leaders
and supporting our military family, still serving or not.
Keep driving our post forward and lead our post to success. Because without you, our post would be lost. So lace up your boots, brush off your gear and let's lead the way!

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