Care goods


Post 38, South Korea, provides care goods to servicemembers being quarantined

Lewis L. Millett Post 38 - Area North, Seoul, Osan, Korea, OT

American Legion Lewis L. Millett Post 38 of South Korea purchased almost $300 worth of goods in assisting in improving the quality of life to 15 active-duty servicemembers currently being quarantined at Camp Humphreys, South Korea. It was command-directed as a precautionary measure for these servicemembers having visited China since Jan. 19, 2020. None of the servicemembers have the coronavirus. William Wight, Post 38 commander, delivered the care goods to the quarters where the 15 servicemembers are being quarantined. Wight also signed up 2 new Legion members at the Charge of Quarters entrance of the barrack.

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