Post 471 Presents Flags To Opening Ceremoines To Challenger League

Russell D. Williams Post 471 - Portsmouth, OH

During the weekend of July 21 the Scioto County Challenger League will host the District 11 Southern Ohio Little League State Tournament in Wheelersburg. Organizers are estimating it will cost a minimum of $25,000 to run the tournament which is expected to attract somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 people to the area.

Hosting the tournament in Portsmouth has its own set of challenges — most notably, the cost. The league has issued a challenge to the community to help raise the necessary funds. The have issued the “Challenger Challenge.”

“It was easier for us to issue a challenge to the community that if 3,500 people can give us $10 that would raise $35,000,” Salmons said. “If people can give us the change in their pocket that’s fine or if they want to give us $100 that’s fine as well.”

Accepting the league’s challenge, the American Legion Post 471 Riders held a benefit run on Saturday with proceeds from the event helping with the tournament. At the end of the run all of the bikers parked on the Challenger League field in Wheelersburg to allow the athletes time to check out the motorcycles before their game.

“It’s a great privilege and an honor to do what we can. We hope to continue the support and pray you have a great turnout next week,” said Mark Campbell, American Legion Post 471 Riders Road Captain. “For those of us that are able to get up and go everyday we don’t understand what you all are faced with, you all do a tremendous job.”

On Saturday July 21, The American Legion Russell D Williams Post 471 Riders presented the flags to the Opening Ceremonies to the Challenger League State Tournament.

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