Dennis Schone with his birthday cards made by student veterans.


Student veterans honor 100-year-old veteran

Northeast Post 630 - Blue Ash, OH

The student veterans of the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash campus wished Army veteran Dennis
Schone a happy birthday in a big way. Dennis is a member of American Legion Northeast Post 630 in
Blue Ash, Ohio. Post 630 has an outreach program at UC-Blue Ash and its members make themselves
available once a month on the campus. Dennis was scheduled to be at the campus on Oct. 25; his
birthday is Oct. 28. The student veterans found out about this through Josh Monson, program
manager of the Veterans Affairs Office at UC-Blue Ash and decided to make personal birthday cards for
Dennis. Each student veteran crafted a unique birthday card. When Dennis arrived, a table was already set
up in the main hallway near the student café. Over 40 birthday cards were on the table, along with
balloons and an inflatable 100 taped to the wall behind the table. For the next several hours,
students stopped by to meet and wish Dennis happy birthday. The dean of the Blue Ash campus, the
provost of the University of Cincinnati, the UC Student Veterans Affairs officer, and many of the
professors and staff also stopped by as well.
Dennis Schone is a member of the Northeast Post 630 Executive Board, an active golfer, enjoys traveling,
and spending time with family. He served in World War II in the Pacific theatre and was part of Gen.
Douglas MacArthur’s Headquarters Company. After serving his country, he went on to become a
pharmacist and retired from that career in 1988.

Student Affairs Program Manager Josh Monson with Dennis Schone.
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