My time in service

Los Angeles greater area, CA

Well, I had a whirlwind of a career. It started with boot camp in Orlando, Fla., then on to MM "A" School, USS Dixie AD-14, Nuclear Power School, USS Midway CV-41, J.E.S.T. School (jungle survival), AC/R & Centrifugal AC/R School (Air Conditioning/Refrigeration), USS Worden CG-18, USS Reeves CG-24, Firefighting & Damage Control Western & National Championship Team, Scuba & Hard Hat Dive School, MDSU-1, Det.-319(Mobile Diving & Salvage), 1st Naval Dive Team to dive on USS Arizona & USS Utah since World War II(Project Seamark, 3 yrs.),diving on SMS Comoran WW 1 German Cruiser/Tokai Maru and the Kitsugawa Maru (both are World War II ships).

The last year we dove Palau & Bikini Atoll, then on to Mixed Gas & Salvage/Demolition Dive School, Mutli- National Ice dive in Halifax, Nova Scotia w/(now) a two-star admiral, Martha Herb. I was fortunate to serve on the West and East coasts with her. NR Seal Team-8 & NSWU-2/4 This was the culmination of my career, performing air and water shows across the nation with these guys.

I also attended many leadership schools, mini S.E.A.R, weapons qualifications, and many other schools like boiler water test treatment, pump schools, etc.

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