Tania Soto (left) and Marilyn Melendez Dykman (right) setting up the breakfast table for veterans after blood tests. (Photo by Carlos Bonet)


American Legion Post 67 (Rincon, Puerto Rico) spearheads breakfast drive at VA clinic

Rincon, Puerto Rico, OT

American Legion Post 67 of Rincon, Puerto Rico, once again leads the way by opening a breakfast drive at the Mayaguez VA Clinic to serve veterans after their scheduled blood tests. Though Post 67 provided these volunteer services in the past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VA administrations activated a set of restrictions throughout their facilities restricting the participation of volunteers and veterans service organization like The American Legion. After numerous inquiries, the leadership of Post 67 was able to be the first organization to be permitted to conduct a breakfast drive, donating sandwiches, coffee and juice to veterans getting blood work early in the morning. We thank Ruth Arocho, VA Mayaguez Clinic administrator, who was instrumental in organizing the breakfast drive, and we thank her for all the support we have received throughout the year.

Carlos Bonet (commander/left), Dykman (adjutant/middle) and Soto (treasurer/right) ready to receive veterans at the Mayaguez VA Clinic. (Photo by unnamed veteran)

Serving veterans breakfast. (Photo by Marilyn Melendez Dykman)

Soto serving a veteran coffee at the Mayaguez VA Clinic breakfast drive. (Photo by Marilyn Melendez Dykman)
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