Post 294 (Powder Springs, Ga.) takes gift baskets to veterans in rehab centers

Powder Springs, GA

Eight veterans (seven members of Post 294) put together 56 gift baskets, 40 blankets and 30 winter coats and delivered them to 36 veterans (plus 20 baskets for wives staying the holidays with their husbands) to three local rehab centers in the Powder Springs area. Powder Springs is a suburb of Atlanta and is located about 25 miles west of the city.

Due to COVID-19 the baskets, blankets and coats had to be left at the front entrance of each facility before being brought in. Some of the residents do not have family members, so bringing the gift baskets tells the veterans that they are not forgotten. Each gift bag had a personalized card inside, and one special card purchased for a female veteran who recently celebrated her 103rd birthday.

Items put in the baskets included snacks to eat, shaving cream and a razor, soap, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. This is now the fourth year Post 294 has been taken gift baskets to veterans in our area.

Leroy Young, Service Officer, American Legion Post 294

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