Never too old to serve AGAIN!

Fort Rucker, AL

Vice Commander Dr. Paul Fowler of Norman-Price Post 68, Sandy Spring, Md., got a call last Spring from U.S. Army Human Resources asking if he would volunteer to go back on active duty again. Fowler, a physician, didn’t hesitate and volunteered to serve again on active duty at the age of 63! “As a retired US Army Reserve Medical Corps officer, it has been over 15 years since I last put on an Army uniform. The Army told me that I may be the oldest person currently serving on active duty in the Army," Fowler said.

Vice Commander Fowler was part of the COVID-19 recall of medical personnel recalled back to active duty from retired status pursuant to a Presidential Executive Order. Fowler was sent to Lyster Army Clinic, Fort Rucker, Ala., for six months where he served as Chief of Preventive and Occupational Medicine and helped care for COVID-19 patients. At the time of his arrival at Fort Rucker, Alabama was experiencing a new COVID-19 epidemic wave with the Delta strain and lower Alabama had one of the highest incident rates of COVID-19 in the nation. Martin Predoehl, commander of Norman-Price Post 68, said: “We really miss Paul’s leadership in our post, but we are very proud that he chose as a Legionnaire to serve AGAIN!”

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