Nicholas E. Theodorou,

Orlando, FL

This is for my partner & her search for her uncle
Nicholas E. Theodorou, born April 19, 1924 in Nashua, N.H. At age 17 he enlisted in the Army, after persuading his mother to sign his enlistment papers He served honorably from 12/15/1942 to 02/08/1946. After discharge he went back to Nashua, NH & worked at various jobs. He re-enlisted for Korea because the government asked for WWII veterans to help "guide" the new recruits for this upcoming "conflict".
He was assigned to C Co.,1st Bn., 32nd Inf. Reg., 7th Inf. Div. His last known day was on April 26, 1951, somewhere near Inji, Korea otherwise known as the Kansas line. One of the reports given to me by the DPAA is that he was last seen just as he was hit in the head by small arms fire. They could not recover his body. He was posthumously promoted to Cpl. His mother was given his posthumous Purple Heart
His entire family have gone to their graves waiting and hoping that he would some day come home - one way or another. As his last remaining family member, I have been searching since 1999 for - something. I'm now hoping that his remains are found before I die (I'm now 70) so as to keep a mental promise I made to his parents, his older brother and his older sister that he would be buried with them.
I have been given his military records for both WWII as well as Korea. These are very informative papers/ records but they do not tell me anything about the man. His siblings never talked about him . The loss being too hard to speak of. But I'd like to get some stories about this person as the human being he was to balance out what is known of his service history. If there is anyone out there who recognizes any of this information to please contact me at: Your responses are greatly appreciated.

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