David Harris Vance, second lieutenant


2nd Lt. David Harris Vance

London, OT

2nd Lt. David Harris Vance entered military service in 1942. He was the navigator on the "Scrappy Mike" bomber which was part of the 92nd Bomb Group, 326th Bomber Squadron and was based in Podington, United Kingdom.
David was born in 1917 in American Falls, Idaho, but moved to Utah during his teenage years.
On Aug. 13, 1944, the squadron flew on a "Milk Run" over France but was caught up in enemy flack. "Scrappy Mike" was the only plane to be hit. It was hit so badly that the plane turned upside down and hung in midair before coming down over France. Parts of the wreckage have been found, and recently the dog tags of the captain have been found as well and returned to his family.
At the time of the disaster David Harris Vance's wife, Jane, was pregnant with his daughter, Peggy.
David Harris Vance carved his name into a wall in Southampton, United Kingdom, along with over 100 brave American servicemen before departing from the UK to France and beyond. It has been a wonderful experience researching David and I have the full support of his family, including his daughter, Peggy.

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