Volunteering within and outside the Legion

Watertown, MA

I am a Legionaire in my fifth year but have been volunteering and fundraising for veterans for 10 years. I have been purchasing out-of-print 9/11 books at wholesale, selling at 1/2 off published prices and donating first $1,000 to the NE Center for Homeless Vets in Boston.
Then when our Fisher House opened in 2010, I sent the next $1,000 there. I am now donating to Operation American Soldier here in Watertown.
For the past six years, I have been been a volunteer senior medical escort for the non-profit Springwell company. I do one a week and on occasion, have driven veterans to the VA facilities in the Boston area.
I also help out at my Post's bingo games every week. Though none of this may count for community service, I enjoy volunteering and hope this may encourage others to do so.

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