Post 67 volunteers at Woodbine Cemetery before Memorial Day 2020. (Photo by Art Bell)


Legion post soldiers on

Puyallup , WA

American Legion Post 67, located in Puyallup, Wash., obtains most of its revenue through rental of its facility. Once we entered a COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, the revenue stream dried up. Undaunted, Post 67 managed to carry out a number of activities throughout the abnormal year.

Our Memorial Day commemoration traditionally consists of assisting our Boy Scout troop (598) to place flags on the graves of all known military veterans - approximately 1,100 - in the city cemetery. Properly masked and distanced, our Scouts, their families and we proudly and humbly carried out this solemn task.

In late May we performed a Buddy Check by phone of our almost 400 members.

The weekend before Veterans Day, we distributed flags and poppies at a local food market. The donation jar brought in almost $3,500. Additionally, one of our members fulfilled a request from a local church for a speaker to talk about the history and meaning of Veterans/Armistice Day. Subsequently, we decided to establish a speakers bureau to handle future requests.

Several of our members work with our local food bank. Hearing about the increased demand for food, we took up a collection for our food bank and also sent out an appeal on behalf of Toys for Tots. Shortly before Christmas we conducted a second Buddy Check, by phone where we could, with an email follow-up. Our post service officer continues to support people with issues in resolving them.

At the current time, we are supporting a request to help furnish a 35-unit Tiny Home Village being installed on the grounds of the State Soldiers Home that will house currently homeless veterans. The appeal raised $750 in donations in the first round and a second appeal has just been announced. Members are using the funds to shop for items that will be needed when the veterans arrive in March.

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