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Angels of Bastogne: A Remembrance of World War II

Syracuse , NY

Angels of Bastogne is based on the true story of the American Army doctor Capt. John T. “Jack” Prior, and the Belgian nurses Renee Lemaire and Augusta Chiwy who volunteered in his aid station in Bastogne, Belgium, that was bombed on Christmas Eve 1944.

The book also tells the story of soldiers and civilians swept up in the struggle for control of the strategic town during the Battle of the Bulge, and of veterans who reunited in Bastogne in 1994 to reminisce and remember fallen comrades.

Angels of Bastogne is a profound exploration of the human condition in the cauldron of mortal conflict: of suffering and compassion, fear and courage, trauma and healing, guilt and redemption, and love, loss and loyalty.

“Angels of Bastogne is a great story of love and humanity.” Roger Parent
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