100 Miles For Hope

Uncasville, CT

Yesterday, Aug. 12, 2020: my walk in support of The American Legion's 100 Miles For Hope campaign, which was brought about to bring attention and help to the Legion's Veterans & Children Foundation, was a short day. My walk had me visiting, VFW Post 10060, Montville, Conn., and American Legion Post 112, Montville. Now, today was a little different than my previous walks, more of a cool-down walk from the 72.2 miles I walked since accepting my 100-mile mission on Aug. 7, 2020). I only walked 4.6 miles today, which is not that spectacular for a United States Marine Corps "Rabbit."

A gentleman in a pick-up truck stopped and asked if I would like a ride up the stree in the direction I was going. I explained my 100-mile mission and said thank you but no thank you. The next thing, that gentleman said, "I'm an American Legion member myself, brotha, you just walked past my post." I almost jumped in his truck.

American Legion Post 112 is an American Legion post that I visit on all of my walks in my support of The American Legion's 100 Miles For Hope campaign. Now, you have to understand, it was 100 degrees outside, and I have a pack on my back, and I'm just walking on the side of CT Route 32. My family, friends and total strangers have stopped along my 100-mile mission (THANK Y'ALL FOR STOPPING) with the same request, did I need a ride. Everyone who has stopped I have explained to them, Thank you for the ride request, but I'm helping The American Legion by walking 100 miles in support of the Veterans & Children Foundation; I still had a lot of walking left to do. The thing is, I just left his post, took a lot of pictures of Old Glory flying in the wind, and still had 1.3 miles to my next stop, and a .7 mile walk back to home base. I said "Thanks, brotha, but not today."

100 Miles For Hope - Mission First.

Please join the 100 Miles For Hope mission, or, you can donate to help The American Legion at the websites below.



American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation - https://www.legion.org/donate/endowment_fund

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