Piloting a Diamond DA-40 while passing my 1,000-mile piloting goal.


Air, land and sea for Hope - update

The Woodlands, TX

Air/Land/Sea Challenge status since my 01 April start, as of the morning of 20 June:

Air: COMPLETED! 1,475 miles flown of 1,000-mile goal

Land: IN PROGRESS: 73.5 miles run of 100-mile running goal; 274 miles biked of 1,000-mile bicycling goal

Sea: IN PROGRESS: 5 miles swum of 10-mile swimming goal; 126 minutes scubaed of 100-minute scuba-diving goal

Surprisingly, the biking is where I still have the most to accomplish - normally I bike to work daily, but May was very rainy here and kept me off the bike most of that month, so I'm working hard to catch up the next couple of weeks.

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