Rev. John Harvard Statue at Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.), where I graduated in the Class of 2015.


A challenging New Year’s resolution

Cambridge, MA

In recent years, I had stopped making New Year’s resolutions because I never followed through with them. In fact, I hardly remembered my resolutions from the beginning of the year. In 2022, I decided to restart New Year’s resolutions after being inspired by my pastor at Antioch Baptist Church, Dr. Paul Kim, who is an Army veteran, former Army Reserve chaplain, and national chaplain of the Korean War Veterans Association.
Pastor Paul joined the 100 Miles for Hope campaign in August 2020, and has walked over 1,800 miles since then!

From time to time, Pastor Paul sent me short articles in which he shared about why he walks – to remember those who served the country so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have, and to remember Jesus who died for us so that we can be free from our sins. In his last article of 2021, Pastor Paul shared his goal of walking 1,000 miles in 2022. After reading his article, I decided I would follow in his footsteps and set walking as a daily goal in 2022. Wanting to attain to just half of Pastor Paul’s example, I made the goal of walking 500 miles in one year.

Since Jan. 1, 2022, I have walked 162 miles, and am on pace to meet my goal! It has been possible because of the continual challenging and encouragement from Pastor Paul. In March, Pastor Paul shared about this year’s 100 Miles for Hope campaign, and I signed up on March 3. I have 20 miles to go to complete the 100 Miles for Hope challenge.

The walks have become a daily reprieve and a chance to clear my head from the many stressors of life. I appreciate the chance to step away from the computer screen and take a step back. As I walk, I express my gratitude to God and remember those to whom my life of freedom and blessing is indebted.

While I attended Harvard University as a college student (Class of 2015), I attended Bible study every week taught by Harvard Chaplain Dr. Rebekah Kim, who is Pastor Paul’s wife. She taught me that “History humbles us." I am so grateful for this teaching, which reminds me to always be humble and grateful for those who went before me, even laying down their lives, so that I can be where I am today. I am grateful to my family, and to Pastor Paul and Dr. Rebekah Kim, and many others at Antioch Baptist Church without whom I would not be where I am today. As a Korean, I am especially indebted to those who served and laid down their lives during the Korean War. On one of my recent walks, I visited the South Boston Korean War Memorial (pictured) on Castle Island to pay my respects.

Lastly, I am grateful and indebted to Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who died for my sins to save me and give me eternal life. Jesus says in John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” I give thanks to God who saved my life from sin and hopelessness, and gave me an eternal hope! This is why I walk for 100 Miles for Hope!

South Boston Korean War Memorial, Castle Island, South Boston, Mass.
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