Iwo Jima survivor meets grandson of Woody Williams at Iwo Jima Monument in Connecticut

Bristol, CT

On April 23, 2022, the Connecticut Gold Star Family Memorial Monument was dedicated in Berlin. The day before the president and CEO of the Woody Williams Foundation flew in to the state, Chad Graham - the grandson of Hershel "Woody" Williams - toured the Iwo Jima Monument in Newington, built by Iwo Jima survivors. He was shown around by 97-year-old Iwo Jima survivor Joe Caminiti and Neal Supranovich, both members of Post 2, along with Connecticut Gold Star Family Monument Chairpersons Marianne Mihalyo and Gary Roy. Both head up Support Our Iwo Jima Survivors. They started the Gold Star Monument in Connecticut.
Due to a fall, Woody Williams was unable to attend.
Joe was invited to the dedication on Saturday. During the unveiling he stood next to Gary and Chad.
Joe had been asked to take part with the first fundraiser that was held for the Gold Star Monument. Due to COVID it was called off.
Turns out Joe was from the same division as Williams.

Earlier in the week Joe was presented a city award by the mayor and Veteran Strong Center for what he does to honor fellow veterans, such as taking part with Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Bells of Peace, and remembering the 100 from Connecticut who died on Iwo Jima. Last year he raised a flag to honor World War II veterans in Bristol; he received the flag at the 61st Iwo Jima Survivor Reunion by the U.S. Navy.

Joe standing next to the grandsons.

The grandsons handed out yellow roses to all the Gold Star Family members so they could place them at the base of the monument.

Those who posted the colors.

Joe Caminiti and Rosario Lambardo being escorted to the monument by the Gold Star Family Monument Committee.

Joe Caminiti's picture being taken for a special oil painting honoring his time on Iwo Jima.
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