Road guards out

There are numerous memories that remain a part of my military basic training history. One particular event still brings a smile to my face. I was assigned duties as a road guard. We blocked intersections to allow safe troop crossings. The technical instructor (TI) told me to block an exit to a parking lot. He said not to move from my post until he gave the order. I ran swiftly to the driveway as one car began to exit. I stood dutifully blocking its departure. After the troops marched safely by, I remained posted. The driver of the car began to yell at me to move.

"No sir, not until ordered by my TI," I shouted. The driver began to threaten me. I stood my ground. By this time the TI was laughing uncontrollably. The driver became enraged, calling me stupid and other demeaning names. He even threatened to run me over if I did not move.

At this point the TI was almost in tears and called me back into formation. It turned out that the driver was a co-worker and the TI was just having fun at my expense.

Looking back I can now reflect how we, as students, took every order literally, no matter how absurd it was. The name Tech. Sgt. James B. Walker will always be a name for me to remember.

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