Department of Georgia 1st District comes together in time of need

Midway, GA

It was one month ago today that the sounds of two deadly tornadoes were rampaging their way through the small communities of Pembroke and Ellabell, Ga. Over 400 people lost their homes, and others were without water, power and a roof for weeks. During the first week the 1st District, where these two towns fall, collected over 4,000 pounds' worth of donations, $5,000 in gift cards, cash and checks, and delivered all this to the donation shelter drop-off site. All the 1st District's 18 posts donated to the cause of these two quiet towns. The clean-up crew from the local Post 164 from Pembroke began the very next day. The district and Post 164 had over 200 volunteers come out and help clean up trees, pieces of once-beautiful homes and debris left from these two terrifying tornadoes. With the assistance of Post 500, Post 164, Post 95, Post 108 and Post 154, 1st District Commander Casey Nash helped over 45 military families and veterans receive temporary housing on base in the communities of Pembroke and Ellabell. "If a disaster happens, we are there to help our veterans, military and their families no matter what. It is why we volunteer, it is why we continue to serve as veterans, and it fills my heart with joy to see the 1st District come together like this in time of need," Nash said during her delivery of water and supplies to the American Red Cross donation site for the victims of the two tornadoes.

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