Sir Your Target Is Broken

Richard Nixon sent me an invitation to report for induction to Ft. Knox, KY., January 1972. It was my college graduation present.

Two weeks after my last final exam I was qualifying with an M - 16 on a cold morning that froze my target with ice. It would not go down.

Up until that day, after several visits to the range, I had the best score in my unit. I was upset that the target I was assigned to would not go down. I brought this to the officer's attention and offered to march out again on Sunday for makeup round.

I was ordered to continue shooting. I started shooting the immediate target to the left and right of me. I did not miss. The officer ordered me to stop and I was told that I was given a score of zero for the day. I told the officer that was going to be score anyway due to his target malfunction.

At least I helped the score of the guys to my left and right. In spite of getting a zero for that day, I still earned a sharpshooter rank.

To this day I would do the same thing in that circumstance as long as no one was put at risk.

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