Phone privilege

I was in Basic Combat Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in 1990.

One day we had a break in training, and a flag football game was arranged. At the edge of the field was a bank of pay phones, which we were allowed to use.

As one could expect, there was a long line for the precious few minutes of phone time with those back home.

I got impatient, and as a prank, I bellowed out in my best drill sergeant voice, "Hurry up, PRIII-vates! People are waiting!"

I guess my performance was too good: privates in line fled in fear.

Unfortunately, someone fled straight to a real drill sergeant, who promptly suspended the phone privilege.

The other soldiers-in-training were upset with me for causing the problem, but as I pointed out, I didn't get to call home either, so I was a victim of my own prank.

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