KP and the apple pie

During basic training at Fort Campbell, Ky., my turn came up for KP. I always took back-sink and washed pots and pans and dishes all day. Perhaps it was the back-sink KP job or perhaps I did my task well, but no one ever bothered me. The cooks certainly bothered the rest of the crew. Therefore, I always took back-sink on all subsequent KPs.
There was an extra apple pie remaining at the end of the day. So I took it back to my barracks and put it on the top shelf of my locker. A short time later I pulled it out and was cutting it up to share with my adjacent barracks mates. I happened to look over my shoulder and there stood the corporal. He was billeted in one of the two private rooms at the end of the barracks but did not appear to have duties related to our basic-training company. I asked him, "Do you want a piece?" He replied, "No," and walked away.

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