Basic training

Worst memory: I was a couple of years older than the rest of my platoon in basic at MCRD. The DIs were tough like in the movies, only worse. I remember a day when we were on the obstacle course. I was the fastest of our group up the rope climb, but when we got back to our quonset hut and the platoon was berated for doing badly I was picked out by the DI for doing poorly. I replied something like, "I was fastest sir." He grabbed my throat under my chin and pushed me into the end of the hut and spit in my face while calling me insubordinate. I was ordered to do squat thrusts forever while the rest of the platoon went to chow. Another private was to watch me. He came back in about 20 min. (seemed like hours), and relieved us to go to chow as well. I found the back of my head was bleeding throughout the ordeal. He treated me better after that.

Best memory #1: Graduation from basic at MCRD.

Best Memory #2: Motor pool parties in 'Nam celebrating the beer that "fell off" trucks and the steaks and chicken we traded for ChiCom weapons with the air wing.

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