Keeping the Big Guns Firing

Most books about Vietnam deal with the Grunt that was in the bush grappling daily with the enemy. For every one of them there were 10 of us in-the-rear troopers providing them much needed support.

We support type troopers also had our enemies. There was the ever present Viet Cong, that roamed freely outside the perimeter wire at night. There officers and senior enlisted that were indifferent to the needs of those under their commands. There were racial tensions between black and white the troops. The Grunt could fight their enemy, they could point their rifles and pull the trigger, we could only hunker down and endure.

Keep the Big Guns is my story, the story of an Artillery Repair Mechanic serving in the 9th MEB and 3rd MAF during 2 tours of duty, 1965-1966 and 1968-1970. It is the story of one man the endured, one man that made it back!

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