Basic adventure!

As I'm sure any veteran will testify, basic training was a unique experience. For me it was a mixture of challenges, thrills, dread, joys, fears and accomplishment. I enlisted in the Army infantry and the most thrilling moments for me were whenever we got our hands on a new weapon; the M-16, Colt 45, M-60 machine gun, M-245 machine gun, M2 machine gun, M-203 grenade launcher and probably a few other items I'm forgetting. Those were thrilling moments for a kid who grew up loving war movies and playing soldier.
Someone asked me recently about basic training and commented that it must have been very difficult. It was certainly a challenge, and it was difficult, but I just don't remember any single thing being that impossibly hard. I found that if I just did what I was told, I could do anything that was expected. I learned that much of the "difficulty" of a thing goes away when you don't really have a choice. Looking back, I think the most difficult thing about basic training was simply staying awake. I was so tired all the time. In fact, it was not unusual for me (and others) to fall asleep standing in formation, knees locked and propped up by our rifles.
Anyway, I think back fondly of my time in the military. I got a great deal out of being in the service and I'd do it all again.

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