U.S. Air Force, 1968

I joined the Air Force and started basic training on July 1, 1968, at Amarillo, Texas. I would say I had good and bad experiences, but overall it was positive and part of the whole deal you had to go through. Taking orders from a gruff sergeant, learning how to march and learning military bearing. March and/or double time everywhere you went, keeping yourself and your area straight, and even learning 3 ways to make a bed - who knew that? One humorous thing happened at the rifle range when the guy next to me was shooting at my target along with me. When we were done and the instructors looked at our targets, mine was loaded with bullet holes and his, well...we both caught heck for that. After basic it was off to Keesler AFB and learning radio repair. When I look back, it was a great experience and part of becoming an American man.

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