Basic Training - April 1971

The fondest memories I have happened while we were marching to the mess hall, whether it be any of the meals. Whenever anyone would not be in step or was just not with it that day, our sergeant would pull that person and someone else out of the line and stop the group "always" near the mess hall. He would have one person stand and imitate a lighthouse by making right-face turns in the same spot and shouting out loud, "I am a lighthouse, watch my beam" many times. The other person would imitate a tugboat and make left-face turns in step around the lighthouse and was to shout out loud, "I am a tugboat - Toot Toot," also many times. Not only was it hard for our group to keep a straight face, but all the others passing by were laughing - it still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.
Other than that, that time in my life was a journey, even the 6 weeks I spent in "casual" waiting for orders. Everyone said don't raise your hand, but I did for the question "Anyone know anything about engines?" Well, that put me behind a mower for most of the summer in San Antonio. But I got out of other less-than-desirable jobs; and when it was really hot and I was mowing around the buildings the women working there would come out with glasses of iced tea and have me sit down and rest. When the sergeant would come by he was never mean - he'd just tell me to finish up and get back to work.

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