As green as the pickle suit I wore

In the late 1970s when I was 18, I had just graduated infantry AIT at Fort Benning, Ga. The drill sgt. let us put on civies and have some down time before we went to our next duty station. Being so young and right off the farm in Montana, I called a taxi to go to the main PX. This was my first taxi ride, and took about 5 minutes to get there and at that time about a $2 or $3 dollar fare. The taxi driver was so nice and polite and offered to wait for me so that I would have a ride back to the barracks. I thanked him and said OK. Well, not ever being at a large PX before I looked at everything and spent a more than an hour looking. When I went out front there was my driver reading the newspaper. I was apologetic for taking so long but he said that it was all right. To my despair, the taxi driver waited with the meter running, and cost me over $20 for the trip to the PX.

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