US Army Marksmanship Unit - Home of Champions


Served in the company of heroes

Woodland Park, CO

I was in ROTC in high school and college and was on the rifle team. My junior year in college I discovered the Army Marksmanship Unit, "The Home of Champions." I managed to get assigned to the AMU right out of IOBC in November 1972 at Fort Benning (a long story in itself). I wanted to compete in the Olympics and this was the way to make that dream happen (another long story).
At the AMU 50th anniversary reunion, all past and current members/alumni provided a short bio for the 50th anniversary book along with pictures.
When I received my copy, I read through every page, every bio.
While I was at the AMU from 1972-1976, I was focused on training for the 1976 Olympics (and being a sniper instructor on engaging moving targets). I did not realize until I read the bios in the 50th anniversary book that I had been working and training with decorated war heroes from Korea and Vietnam.
I am truly humbled by my "serving in the company of heroes."

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