A hot/cold day

In 1955 I went through Basic Training at Camp Parks, AFB, California. Camp Parks was just a little southeast of Hayward, across the hills. One of the activities I did was to sing in the Basic Airman's Choir. One afternoon in August, my flight was out on the firing range. The temperature was 126 degrees, as we qualified with a rifle. At about 2, those of us in the choir were called to head into the barracks to change in to blues. We had an engagement in downtown San Francisco. After we changed uniforms, while waiting for the bus, we began to perspire mightily. It did not take long to become wet from the skin out. During the bus ride downtown, it did start to cool off a bit. When we got to the convention hall where the Air Force Association was meeting, the temperature was 65 degrees. It felt like below freezing. Why we all did not get sick, I'll never know. We managed to put on a very good performance, which was well received.

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