Be The One can take many forms, even a book.

Spring, TX

In my spare time I’ve been writing. It can be therapeutic, although I didn’t really start writing for that reason. What I write is military fiction. My first book, written under a pseudonym, is about a female USAF officer. One book turned into a series and s spinoff book. The character, Samantha Barrett, goes through a lot in her career and life. Multiple times she seeks therapy and a couple of times she considered suicide. But she had family and friends who cared and intervened. In the spinoff book, "Lex’s Story", she talks her stepson into seeking therapy after recognizing the trauma he endured is starting to affect his life.

I was selling my books at our Fall Department Executive Committee meetings and a woman approached me and told me the book made her think about her son. I started thinking, “What if someone read my book and then helped someone in their life? Or someone chose to seek therapy because they read my book?” Maybe someone will think about a veteran in their life and just decide to ask how they are.

"Be The One" may take many forms.

From raising awareness through walks, rucks, wristbands, banners, or even a book; you can BE THE ONE.

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